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Unique Artworks by Gloria and Jim McRoberts – Watertown, TN

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Unique Sculptural Fiber Weavings



Many people have asked me, “how did you get started with these unique pieces?”

As a high-school art teacher, I have a varied art background, including: glass, clay, drawing, and painting. However, I have never had a fiber weaving class or lesson. What I have developed over many years is truly my own concept and my own techniques. Being free from traditional methods is how my “unique” art developed.


This is my first attempt to weave in 1982.


I was living in Kentucky in the early 80’s where tobacco baskets were plentiful. I wove several pieces over tobacco baskets.


Realizing that my 1980’s pieces were looking like 1960’s pieces, I decided to tighten them up and lose the fringe.


I continued to experiment with weaving styles and techniques throughout the 80’s.


I also tried combining clay, painting, and fiber.


Also, I attempted my first tree.


Later, I made a few pieces to wrap around corners.


I then started coiling.


And then, finally, I created my first landscape.


I also tried monochromatic contemporary pieces.


In the 90’s I continued with natural fibers and nature inspired subjects.


Also, in the 90’s I finished a very large landscape (14′ x 6′).

2000’s – Present


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